Faster, Higher, Stronger

In May 2018, the Board endorsed a continuation of our five-year Faster, Higher, Stronger strategy for the next four-year period through to 2022. This strategy is centred around creating the airport of the future and is anchored on our ambition to ‘make journeys better’ for all customers and partners of Auckland Airport. The strategy continues to unfold amid a number of changes in the industry, including evolving aviation and tourism markets, high immigration, along with the delivery of complex development projects.

We're growing travel and trade markets

We have an ambitious and innovative approach to helping New Zealand sustainably unlock growth opportunities in travel, trade and tourism. Growing travel markets with our airline and industry partners makes journeys better by providing customers with greater choice and delivering more convenient flight schedules and by offering better value for money for all customers and partners of Auckland Airport. In addition, new airline routes help to grow trade activity by creating more opportunities for businesses to connect with their key customers in global markets.

We’re strengthening our consumer business

We are strengthening and extending our retail, transport and accommodation businesses to ensure we can respond to evolving customer needs. This means we are increasing the range of products and services we provide and making Auckland Airport more appealing to our customers – thereby making their journeys better.

We’re being fast, efficient and effective

We are improving our performance by increasing the efficiency and productivity of our assets, processes, operations and balance sheet. A fast, efficient and effective airport makes journeys better by saving time and money for airlines and travellers.

We’re investing for future growth

We are building on our strong foundations for long-term, sustainable growth by investing in the infrastructure required to meet long-term customer needs. This makes journeys better both within the airport and around our vibrant business district.

Faster, Higher, Stronger embraces our objective of making journeys better and is a commitment to making improvements in everything we do. In late 2013, the strategy set a number of new aspirations to drive our company’s performance. These high-level aspirations and our progress to date are not market guidance and the results are likely to fluctuate from year to year. However, they provide the company with a sharp focus on important goals that underpin our long-term success. By 2019 we had achieved almost all of our aspirations – as set out in the table below.


400,000 Double Chinese arrivals to 400,000 by FY17, up from 213,781 in FY13
$60.0m Build property rent roll to $60.0 million by FY17, up from $44 million in FY13
10m Achieve 10 million international travellers by FY18, up from 7.3 million in FY13
20m Reach 20 million total travellers by FY20, up from 14.5 million in FY13

How we tracked in FY19

360,805 A decrease of 8.7% in FY19
$100.0m An increase of $9.8 million in FY19

11.5m An increase of 0.3 million in FY19
21.1m An increase of 0.6 million in FY19

Reflecting that Auckland Airport has achieved and surpassed almost all of the aspirations set back in 2013, new medium-term aspirations are in development and we intend to socialise these at our investor day scheduled for November 2019.